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How to insert photos?

Dear visitors,

welcome to the Hunting-shop PHOTOGALLERY.
Our goal was to create a space, where visitor can see the beauty of nature captured by photographer and delight his eyes.

Presentation on PHOTOGALLERY is fully optional and free, only one requirement is good technical quality of photos. Through PHOTOGALLERY you can also offer
(without any fees) your photos for sale to potential customers.

In english-speaking countries is PHOTOGALLERY presented under domain

If you want to present your photos here, please contact us on this e-mail:
After deal you will receive password for
upload photos to PHOTOGALLERY.

Section Free Foto is freely accessible to general public and everybody can upload photos there.

We are looking forward to our cooperation.

How to insert Photos

Through Free photo section you can participate on expansion of this photogallery and present here your photos for free. Condition is registration in the system and subsequently upload, precise insertion to some category and description of photos. This page is here to help you with photo insertion procedure.

  1. Registr yourself to Hunting-shop PHOTOGALLERY system through REGISTRATION button in menu above. Follow the instructions mentioned next to registration form.
  2. You have 2 possibilities for photo insertion:
    1. Insertion directly on the web: Log into the system, click on the button "ADD PHOTO" and insert your photos separately through simply web form. Additional instructions for this kind of photo insertion you can find directly on the page with form.


    2. Use special software  Hunting-shop Photo Uploader. This software allows you to insert photos to Hunting-shop PHOTOGALLERY en bloc. If you want to present many photos from one directory in your computer, Hunting-shop Photo Uploader will save your time. Software works under operating system Windows (tested on Windows XP and Vista).


  3. Changing data by photo or deleting photo is simple action. You have to log into the system and find the photo, what you want to change or delete (naturally, the photo have to be yours). For quicker finding you can use the button "MY PHOTOS". On the page with detailed photo are 2 buttons above - EDIT and DELETE.
  4. Photos can contain a neutral watermark.
  5. Owner of this web is not responsible for content of inserted photos in Free foto and subcategories. Owner of this web reserves himself rights to delete photos with improper content or description and photos with link to another web page.
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